Back in August I said I wanted out of public relations by the end of the year, and that wish came true after a client put me on hiatus.  Now with my involvement with Hand/Eye Magazine it looks like PR is nothing but history–or so I hope.  And as an aside, check out these recent articles I wrote: Wool and the Gang, The Art of Doll, and Doll Stories.

I’ve been writing since my first day with the magazine. In fact, I spend most of my days writing, or editing, or both. And I’m loving every single moment.

But where does that leave Julius? Well, I’m behind schedule, but I think my load will be easier now that Hand/Eye has a new publishing schedule and I don’t have another project hovering over me (I was contracted to write a press kit for a brand design agency. Needless to say the last two weeks I was going a little cuckoo).

So now that I’m only working for the magazine with no other distractions that means I can get back to a normal writing schedule. What does that mean? Well, I’m hoping that I can get up early to accomplish three things:

  1. Try to update this blog more often with all my writing trials and tribulations
  2. Exercise. No, it’s not writing, but I’ve gained four pounds from eating on the go and sitting on my ass doing all this writing!
  3. Work on Julius.

I know I can do those three things as long as I keep to my schedule and not waste time. For Julius one factor that will help is that I organized a small critique group with fellow Internet Writing Workshop members. Tomorrow I have to submit a chapter (actually a rewrite) so I have no choice but to work on it.

But before I start with any rewrites I think it’s time to get some shut eye. It’s been a long week and I’m tired.