The jury is out. My back story chapter–in the words of  contributing Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley (yes, guilty as charged, I watch America’s Next Top Model), “Dreck.” Well, truthfully, the comments were not that harsh. The few comments I received was that it slowed the story’s pace.

[BIG sigh]

I knew in my gut that it wasn’t working. Now I have to figure out how to pick up the pace and have the parts fall into place. First I need to call the Yountville Sheriff’s office and get some basic information (ugh, hate to do that because I don’t think they’ll be very cooperative).  Second, I have to scratch the flashback within the flashback. Third, I have to rework the relationship with my new character earlier in the book.

[BIGGER sigh]

Book two of Julius is turning out to be more complicated than I want it to be. My instincts are telling me to simplify while my head is telling me to add more meat to the story. What body part do I listen to?

[Covers face with hands, props elbow on desk , and rests head in her hand while she contemplates her next steps]

I don’t know. I should give it until the weekend and mull it over, right?

[Strangling noises]

Arrgh! I’m on a freaking deadline. I need to have a cumulative total of 18 chapters written by the end of the month. I can’t wait until the weekend.  I need to resolve this NOW.

[Sips lukewarm coffee and stares at the screen]

I should hang it up. I’m a hack. Oy, gevalt.