Well, actually, watch me work it.

This weekend will be another write-a-thon. On the agenda: articles for HAND/EYE plus revisions and new material for Julius.  As you may have noticed, in spite of good intentions of getting organized and keeping to a schedule, it appears I’m all over the place.

[Insert loud sigh]

This week at HAND/EYE I spent most of my time getting magazine subscriptions out (this is part of the drawback of a two person office. I gather the magazines and stick them in the envelopes, print the mailing labels, update the database, and Keith drives to the post office and pays for the shipping).  The big issue of the week was getting two boxes out to a store that sells HAND/EYE in Canada. We’re trying to keep our costs down and this time Keith and I thought it would be best to go via UPS.  Well, it may be cheaper, but in terms of navigating UPS.com I was close to an apoplectic attack. Now I know why my former assistants hated me when I would tell them to send something via UPS. And to Canada? Well, there’s customs to deal with and all the confusing forms. So something that should have been relatively simple took days. I mean it. Days. However, it’s done. The two boxes are on their way to Vancouver and I hope we get many, many, many reorders because now I know how to ship to Canada via UPS.com.

Now I have to zip and write and edit. I can give you little preview of what’s upcoming. This week we’re focusing on a a series of documentaries on Mayan Weaving, a South African artist, a glass artist, and a ceramicist from Oz. All good stuff.

As for Julius, I am in revision mode. There are parts of the story that seem too chatty. I need to add more descriptive narrative, and more action. Not hardcore chase scenes, since none of the characters don’t run–not even to catch a bus–but everyday actions that further develops their personalities. The one activity they seem to enjoy is eating, so maybe I can get them to cook more often, shop for food, etc.

I’m also trying to play around with the language. This is a challenge. I’m pretty straight forward in the way I write, but because I am attempting to duplicate some of Alvah Bessie’s experiences with Corinne, I think it would be interesting to emulate his voice since he is an important character in the story.

Well, we’ll see how this weekend turns out as I work it.