…and Alvah , the supposedly fearless Jack Russell terrier, kept his sister and his humans awake with his constant pacing and whining. Finally, his “mother,” who had not slept since the moment she had gone to bed, decided she would trade him in for a cat.

No, I would never do that. I feel pretty bad that he was so scared. But since 8:00 PM, when it started to storm until 4:30 AM with another storm approaching, he was restless and had not slept at all.  So while the rest of the gang tried to get some shut-eye, I was in the dining room trying to write a blog post. At least it’s something, right?

During one of my up forays, hoping Alvah would settle down, I came across this blog post by John Scalzi about writing and finding the time for it. I am one of those lucky people who gets paid to write and almost everyday I write, but unfortunately I don’t work on Julius every single day and there’s really no excuse to sit down for at least two hours and just write  instead of  wasting time on Facebook.

I agree with Scalzi on many of his points and because I write for a living and want that weekly check, I have to produce. But when it comes to Julius sometimes the writing doesn’t happen, and I make excuses.  The biggest excuse is that I’m tired, but what I really think is that I’m afraid to write something that’s junk. So instead of pushing forward and improving, I don’t write at all.

As things stand with Julius, I’ve written myself into a corner in Part 2, and I think  my next move is to trash the last two chapters and start all over, and see how it works out.

On that note, time for another cup of coffee and back to Julius!