There’s been a lot of email exchanges recently about writing insecurities and how to overcome them, and I was happy to note that I’m not the only person who’s plagued by the negative self-talk. What got me out of the rut? Well, self-talk can also be encouraging and persuasive. I suppose my Just Do It post played a part, but also reading the FaceBooks updates of two of my writer friends pushed me forward.

Where am I now with Julius? I managed to climb out of that self-pity pit and revised chapter seven. It still has issues, but it’s now moving in a direction that makes sense. Or I least I hope it makes sense. I’ve rewritten chapter eight, and this evening I’ll be ready to submit it for critique.

In terms of sticking to a schedule, I spoke yesterday with my accountability partner and we’ve agreed we’ll have our respective chapter nines completed by the end of the month, and at least three chapters finished by the end of May.  Another writing assignment we’ve given ourselves is to write 500 words of our novels daily. That can be a little tough, especially if you’re working on other writing projects, but the purpose is to keep us in the habit to work on the novel daily. I know it’s all very elementary, but when you write for a living and you’re writing more than two articles and book reviews per week it gets overwhelming. Usually something gets dropped, and for me that’s  been Julius.

So. . . Rebeca has gotten her groove back and she feels good. And on that note, it’s time to write those 500 words.