Facebook-fan-page-FB-profile-1My goal for 2013 is to put social media to work for me. I’ve written about my love/hate relationship with Facebook and finally accepted that if you share too much with the world it can bite you on the ass.

I’ve been more cautious, less strident and playing it pretty safe by posting photos of the two jokers, assorted baked goods, and sharing photographs of dogs that need to be rescued or fostered.

I’ve commented on friends’ threads, but again, I’ve purposely kept away from making controversial remarks or expressing a strong opinion. Why am I being so mild- mannered? An incident that occurred a couple of months ago upset me and I was pretty close to deactivating my account.

What kept me on was that I have a handful of close virtual friends that I want to be in touch with, but also I’m part of two writing communities that keep me motivated.

The Ol’ Man thinks that my Facebook activities are nonsense, but living in here at the beach can be pretty isolating. With the exception of my gym buddy, I rarely interact with anyone and Facebook keeps me connected to a select group of people. So, in spite of my past bickering over politics and whatnot, I’m sticking around.

But now it’s time to stop putzing around and get serious about finishing Julius. As an incentive, I decided to create a writer’s page on Facebook that’s all about Rebeca the Writer.

What do I expect from this page? I can’t say at the moment. Currently, I have 29 “likes” and they’re mostly from other writers. So it’s a bit like a mutual admiration society, but as I start posting links to articles I’ve written, as well as blog posts and book reviews maybe that might lead to some freelance assignments. Or maybe it’s just a much needed psychological boost to keep writing and not get discouraged.

What I know is that my blogging mojo is back. I look forward to sharing my not-so-astute observations and finishing Julius in 2013–especially now that I’ve set myself up to stop pondering and just write the damn story.

There’s more to come for 2013 so stay tuned, and … Happy New Year!