I’ve been meaning to compile a list of writing blogs that I consider the cream of the crop. In September, Maria Schneider of Editor Unleashed posted 25 Best Writing Blogs 2009. It’s a fabulous compilation and Maria has broken them down by category. These include:

  • Publishing Trends
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Creativity
  • Fiction Writing
  • Freelance Writing

Now I could cheat and just use Maria’s list, but where’s the fun of not exploring on my own. I know that I’ll probably agree on a majority of the sites chosen, but there might be a few that might have been overlooked. Although choosing 25 is manageable, I’ll be compiling my personal top 50.

What are the guidelines to make it to my cream of the crop? I’ll make it simple: Blogs should be well-written, informative, updated on a frequent basis (unlike yours truly, but I am getting better), and I they have to lure me back often (or subscribe to them). My categories will most likely be similar, but I’ll also include grammar and copyediting tips, research resources and others that might catch my eye (yeah, I’m being vague, but I’m starting the project by scratch so the guidelines will most likely change as I go along.)

Suggestions are always welcome, just leave them in the comment section.  I’ll post my top 50 on New Year’s Eve, what better way to kick off 2010?