Okay, some old habits from this year are still with me. One habit that I plan to change is to meet my own deadlines! I’m still reading, researching, and determining which 50 blogs I consider la creme de la creme. So what I’ll be doing is post these in parts. Let’s kick this off:

  • Allison Winn Scotch. Allison is a successful novelist and freelance writer. Her blog, Ask Allison, is a fountain of information for anyone who wants to be a writer. Here, she’ll post all her writing news, but also take questions from reader about what it takes to be a writer. What I’ve found invaluable have been her sample query letters to agents, her advice to break into freelance writing, and how to research agents. I visit daily to read her new posts as well as her older ones.
  • Aspiring Author. Written by Alexis Grant, a former Houston Chronicle reporter, Alexis left the newspaper in May 2008 to travel through Africa. She is currently working on her first book, a travel memoir. Like Allison, Alexis is so generous with the information she provides.  I love her Writers’ Roundups, and thanks to all her linking, I’ve discoverd a whole bunch of new blogs to follow. I have to add that her posts about Cooper the stray dog she found at the Hambridge Center warmed my heart. Not only is Alexis a good writer, she’s also a caring person.
  • The Blood-Red Pencil. Need some good editing advice? The editors who contribute to this blog, are smart, witty, and will tell you a thing or two about anything related to writing. I read this for awhile, and recently came back to it. I’m happy I did because now when I vacillate between using a coma or a semi-colon, I have good rule of thumb to follow.
  • Freelance Folder. If you’re venturing into a freelance career (or consultancy) this is one great site to study. It’s a little busy for me, but, and I have to add a disclaimer here, it’s because I’ve been having some vision difficulties and my eyes seem to want to read sites that are not so heavy with ads or widgets. There, got that out of way. Back to the site. The blog has five different tabs you can click on: All Topics, Productivity, Marketing, Lifestyle, and Inspiration. Just wandering around the tabs, you’ll find it chock-full of great resources. Anything with the word free instantly draws to my attention and the post 50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers and Other Freelancers, kept me busy clicking the linksa and exploring the sites.
  • Ask the Copy Bitch. Robyn Bradley is a freelance copywriter and she provides readers with tips about copywriting (duh), branding, advertising, creative writing and so on. She models her blog to that of the infamous Miss Snark, the NYC literary agent who offered valuable (but snarky in tone) advice to aspiring authors like your’s truly.

That’s it for today. Check in tomorrow for more. If I have something worthwhile to share, I’ll post that too.

Happy 2010! I wish everyone a great and successful writing year.