The other night the Ol’ Man and I were talking about the future. He wants to buy a piece of property and build a log cabin and just be as far as possible from other people. I, on the other hand, want to live in a city, preferably Paris or Barcelona. We know at some point we will go our separate ways and we’ve accepted that.

The only point of contention is who will take full custody of the dogs. It’s already been decided that the Lab, Lola, will go with him since she has been accustomed to live in the country and run freely without a leash. The little ones–the beagle, Trumbo, and the JRT, Alvah–on the other hand, need to be leashed at all times so it makes sense they come with me.  The discussion of the dogs has led to some arguments usually with me getting very upset and breaking out in tears. My little ones are a huge pain in the ass, but I love them to pieces and I refuse to leave them when the time comes for this move.

So when will this all happen? I was hoping for Spring 2011 to make the leap. And this is really the crux of this post of when to actually move forward. When the Ol’ Man was telling me what he wanted, the practical me asked where he was going to find the cash to find the piece of land, build the house and whatnot? His response was, “I’ll do it the way I’ve always done everything by doing it and not spending hours of analyzing the situation and planning.”

I suppose that was a slight dig at me since I tend to over analyze and come up with plans A through Z. I don’t like surprises and I tend to anticipate the worst case scenario and always have a back up plan. BUT, he had a point. Spending so much time thinking things over whether it’s a move across the pond or writing a novel doesn’t get you very far.

Of course I spent the whole night thinking of “Just Do It,” and looked back to when I said I was going to do something and actually did it. For example, quitting my PR job three years ago and going solo. The world didn’t explode, I wasn’t left homeless or dogless. It was tough at first, but I managed to do pretty well. The same thing with quitting PR altogether and writing full-time I said I was going to do it and I did it (and it sometimes seems I can’t stop writing, no complaints , though).

So I’m taking that same attitude with Julius and to living abroad. Just do it. Stop thinking so much about it and get moving–literally and figuratively.

Off to write, I have so much work to do!