This week I have to work on four articles, plus rework another article. In addition to those, I have to work on Julius, write a book review, make my daily entries on Fit and Svelte, train, along with all the other activities that come with living–like breathing, eating, showering, and so on. Suffice it to say, it’s a wee too much and I’m a tad overwhelmed–and it’s only Tuesday. I know by this crazy schedule that it will be a work weekend. Once I have that burned into my brain, I’ll be okay with it.

The question that arises again and again is how to manage my time better? I was planning to go to the gym–walk to and from–but that eats up an hour of my time. And since it’s turning into a crappy day, I’ll be working out at home. Is the workout necessary? Yes, since I am training for a 10K. But it’s also a mind clearer and it does help me write.  Right now I need all the help I can get because I have rework an article I didn’t find all that interesting (perhaps, I’ll have a major revelation while I’m ellipting?) In any event, working out at home does give me some time to do other things like post on this blog.

Most time management experts say that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks that you need to prioritize. some say the do the hards one first and then do the easy ones last. While others say get the fast and easy ones out of the way first. I suppose writing this post is considered one of the easy, get out of the way ones, but to me it’s a little more than that. It’s a warm-up to spending the day writing, and it has a high placing on the priority task list.

This time management issue is always a battle with me because I seem to make everything a priority and then I get overwhelmed. It’s one of those catch-22s. What gets chucked or ignored? FaceBook for sure, and possibly email (at least the socializing emails, newsletters, etc). Phone calls are to be ignored, unless it’s a writing related call.  Unfortunately, book reviews (the unpaid ones) and Julius get delegated to the bottom of the list.

I know I’ll pull through and I know something will have to get dropped (except for the paid articles). Well, Saturday is my rest day from working out. I suppose it will be my catch up day for everything else.

Off to the elliptical and then onto THAT article.