Well, not always. I admit that I spend far too much time checking email just for entertainment purposes. The work-related ones I tend to read and respond to quickly as those who are from friends, but I get a lot of junk and most of it gets ignored and then it gets piled up and eventually becomes a big mess.

Last night I decided to download the Microsoft’s beta version of Office 2010 with the idea that the new Outlook would help me organize my emails better. After taking close to an hour to download (this monster is 2 GB).I finally opened Outlook 2010. The new interface looked good, but overall the performance was clunky. The one red flag I noticed was that it seemed to be duplicating my emails. Not good because I already had close to 2,500 unread mails. After trying to close it (which for some reason it wouldn’t). I decided to uninstall the whole works.

Luckily I didn’t allow the program to uninstall the previous one, but my 2003 version of Outlook disappeared, and that was not good since I have all my work-related emails that I refer to for reports. I went ahead to restore my computer’s settings to a previous time with the hope that Outlook 2003 would show up. It did; however, once I hit send/receive I started to get 10,000 emails. No kidding. Ten thousand emails. Since 8:30 this morning (it’s 4:10 EST) I have been deleting triplicates of emails. I still have 4667 to dump.

After reviewing all the mail, I realized that I have wasted precious time on stuff that’s meaningless (how many nutrition and fitness newsletters do I really need to read on a daily basis?). It’s time to do some purging and once that’s done make a solid rule to keep email as practical and quick form of correspondance and not as a source of entertainment.

Back to deleting. . . .