For three months now I’ve been playing a weight-loss game, Game On! that was made up by the lead writer of Grey’s Anatomy and her trainier. Based on the rules of a board game, you win points for every task that you complete at the end of the 4 week round there’s a grand prize. The purpose of the game is to make a lifestyle change and incorporate good eating habits while eliminating bad ones. For example, to gain healthy drinking points, you have to chug a 3 liters of water daily, but you get penalized if you drink alcohol (you’re allowed booze on your free day).

In addition to changing the way you eat, you’re encouraged to change a non-food related bad habit to a good habit. I’ve already have succeeded in putting away my clothes and shoes, making my bed, washing my dirty lunch dishes, but the bad habit that I want to change is the one that I don’t write daily. Since NANOWRIMO is coming up in less than two weeks and the next round of Game On! is starting on November 2nd, why not get a head start and start writing every day.

The big question is what to write? For starters, I want to complete five pages–daily–of Julius, and a blog post for this site. . And let’s not forget the writing assignments that actually pay the bills, but the purpose to write every day is to keep me motivated, creative, and improve my craft.

So now that I’ve written the post, it’s time to getting those five pages written.