As shown by Saturday’s post, Not Finding the Words, I was having one helluva time writing a book review. Actually, I was not having a good day at all.  I realize that there are days that you simply need to take a break and yesterday would have been ideal, but I promised to get the review in.

Sometimes I wonder whether writing will ever get easy. Whether I’ll be able to whip out a 1,000 word article without even blinking an eye. When the words are just spouting like water in a fountain. Honestly, I don’t think so.

Although I’ve been writing book reviews for almost two years you would think I’d be able to jot some coherent thoughts and be done with it. In some ways book reviews are harder to write.  For fiction, you’re looking at the plot, structure, dialogue, character development, style and so on. For non-fiction, it’s how well the material is organized, presented and the analysis.

In this case, I was reviewing an encyclopedia. I have to warn you because I have a bias–I love reference books. Next to collecting software, I hoard reference materials. So it was a no brainer that I would adore this book, but I can’t write, “I love this book, it’s got a ton of information and lots of pretty pictures to look at for hours. You’ll love it, buy it.”  That’s what I wanted to write, but I had to be more eloquent and I could not find the words.  After mulling it over for several hours I finally wrote a coherent review.

You might have thought I was off the hook on Sunday and that I was taking a day off to rest my weary little brain. No, not at all. I had to submit two chapters to the writing groups. One chapter I completed, but the other wasn’t. I’m rewriting the latter one and I’m trying to answer some questions that some readers had, and once again, I’m having trouble. In this case, it isn’t finding the words, but whether I should even bother to include this information because I don’t find it relevant to the story. So what to do?

I’m leaning on the side of ditching the entire scene and moving forward. I think that I answered the question early on in the story, and it doesn’t need to be put out again. Plus, I find the entire scene a little contrived. I guess I answered my question. Ditch it or at least condense it to no more than a couple of sentences.

Onward, I have a lot writing to do this week.