Because of the move, car repairs, paid writing assignments, I’m afraid I haven’t been as productive with Julius as I planned way back in January. Life did get in the way and I had a whole lot of issues to resolve after the fall out of Greg’s death.

Now that I am settled in the new home, I’m here in my lovely office with no excuse but to work and write. On that note, let’s talk about the writing muscle, specifically relating to fiction. Sadly, mine is out of shape. Not atrophied, thank goodness, but the words to create those sentences and paragraphs that make you want to read more are not as robust as I would like. In fact, they’re anemic.

How do I get that strength back? I can’t give them a shot of iron and have them eat spinach. Instead, just as I do for myself and the dogs, we go out for a long walk to get exercise, and that’s what my writing muscle needs a daily one hour of writing sprint that will get the creative juices flowing, the wheels of the imagination greased and raring to get the next aspect of the story down.

At Writer Unboxed, Calling on the Muse: Meditation for Writers, Mary Sharratt describes her method of connecting with the muse through her meditation practice.

I’ve used meditation to calm the anxiety I experienced after my malady and after Greg’s death. And like daily exercise, meditation has been a form therapy to make me see things clearly and move forward. Unfortunately, I haven’t been consistent but now that I am settled, I will follow Sharratt’s advice and find 20 minutes (after the one hour walk, the 35-minute yoga practice) to summon my muse. He can be a bit irascible, especially when feeling ignored, but he’s never let me down.