Most writers suffer some degree of insecurity about their writing. I know I do and it’s probably why I procrastinate. Sometimes, though, when you have an assignment that you sought out you need to bite the bullet and just write.

About a month ago, I moaned on my status update on FaceBook that I needed to find more freelance gigs. Lo and behold, one of my FaceBook friends wrote back and asked if I would be interested to write a piece for HAND/EYE Magazine.  I went to the site, read the articles and wondered who or what I could write about. After an hour or so of scrutiny, I realized I had the perfect candidate: my friend Joseph Cavalieri, an artist who specializes in stained glass.

I pitched the idea to the editor and I got the green light to write the piece. I was ecstatic, but also worried that I would not do justice in articulating the intricacies of Joseph’s work or that the editor would simply hate my writing style.  To top it off, I put all this unneccessary pressure on myself to write the perfect piece.

There’s no such thing as the perfect piece, maybe near perfect, but for the most part, everyone gets edited. The goal though was to write as well as I could and to stop with the agonizing over it. So I bit the bullet. I wrote the article and submitted it. I was asked to make an addition, which I did. After a few days I was told a few editing tweaks were made and it was good to go.

The article appeared online on October 31st , titled Novel Gothic. I was happy with the edits (they were minor) and I sent it along to Joseph and other friends to read.

Those who read the piece said very nice things about, but let’s face it, they are my friends, they’re supposed to give you supportive and complimentary comments.

Today I learned from Joseph that the owner of one of the stained-glass works that was mentioned loved the article and the writing. In fact, he printed several copies the story and gave it to his party guests. Wow! That’s a pat on the back I wasn’t expecting.

Does this major compliment lessen the insecurities? For two seconds it did. Now I have to worry about the next article.