Courtesy of Flickr and V. Evangelou

I’ve been lax with my self-imposed retreat in part because I got so busy with work. However, I think I’ve managed to carve out a nice schedule for myself that allows me to get everything done for the day and week.  Thanks to this schedule, it means that I can get back to work on the creative writing, and focus on writing a short story.

I did have an issue though with the book I was working with and I felt it was too elementary in some respects. What I really wanted was to have some exercises that would actually get me analyzing and writing.  The universe must have read my mind because last week, Anita Saran, from the Internet Writing Workshop, wrote to let members know that she was offering a free short-story online course. I jumped at the chance and found out today that I’m part of a small and select group of writers. So to further elaborate on the title of this post, I will be dipping my toes into the Short Story Pool (hopefully, I won’t get prematurely go into the deep-end and drown).

The course’s goal is to have each of us write two short stories by summer’s end. My plan is to submit them to a few online and print venues, and hope for the best. Ideally, I’d like have about five stories published when I start sending queries to agents.

Exercise one for this week has arrived and now it’s time to do some work! Oh, by the by, my feet and toes are just as pretty, I just don’t have swimming pool.