It’s been several months after I got my kick in the gut critique and after some time of mulling the story over, I went ahead and opened a new Scrivener project, saved it as Julius 2012 and started to outline.

I kept the prologue, but changed the voice to the second person. I was inspired by Chris Bohjalian’s The Night Strangers. It’s a little off-putting at first when you write it, but once you get the hang of this voice, it’s fun. At least, I think so.

Other changes to the story include ditching a good chunk of the first 70 pages, but I also salvaged a few scenes here and there. I cut a lot of the slapstick and now it’s more serious in tone. The big change is that Chapter 10 is now the first chapter and it’s written in the third person.

I hesitated writing in the third person because of my past experience of switching voices too often, but now that I know how to handle the mechanics of the various viewpoints, I like getting in the head of these characters to see what motivates them and how they think.

I’ve changed  a lot personality traits. Jake’s character is no longer impulsive or happy-go-lucky as he was before. He’s serious about his work and he has his goals for both the magazine and with Corinne.

As for Corinne, I’ve made her less sarcastic and more ingenuous. The standout feature with Corinne is that she’s at a crossroads and needs to find what will make her happy, especially with a person like Jake who wants to be in control and the center of attention.

The two other male characters seem to share the similar traits as Jake so that leads to think that Corinne attracts a certain type of man into her life.

I’m still stumbling about as I create the outline, but I’m seeing the power of Scrivener with all it’s handy features that help the process of outlining and writing that first draft. And I think it’s fair to say that with the exception of a handful of scenes that I pulled out from previous version, this is a first draft.

Thanks to the outlining, and I outline in chunks, about 12 chapters at a time, I suspect  because of the speed the writing that I might be done with this first draft by the end of next month. I was planning to rejoin the Novels-list at IWW, but I’ll wait until the manuscript is complete. Then it’s back to critiquing, and hopefully, I won’t be eviscerated with this version. In the meantime, I’ve offered it to two trusty readers so that they can get a feel for this new version.

So that’s where things stand with Julius and my not-so-merry Marxists.