I stumbled upon one terrific blog while researching my top 50 writing blogs (I’m keeping it secret for the time being, but so far this one is really a winner). I’m about half way through the first year’s posting and all the information the author provides is priceless. After reading several of the posts, I realized that I’m no where near in finishing writing or revising Julius. 

So what was my aha moment? Actually there were several. First, I need to cut several scenes in Book One that don’t help the story move forward. Plus, it needs conflict, conflict, conflict. Much more than I have. I see numerous scenes that what I’ve created in the second part that need to be moved up much earlier to the first.

As much as I love having these epiphanies that will make the story better, I have to add an “Oy” because it’s more work, and it seems I’ll never finish this opus.  Nonetheless, what needs to be done needs to be done. And that leads me to the dreaded outline.  I don’t outline or storyboard at all. I have an idea in my head and then I move forward. However, I see the merit to outlining especially if the story needs a serious revision.

Thanks to this “aha”, I have yet another project for the week. I guess I better the enjoy the rest of my Sunday while I still have the free time.

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