I’ve been revising the first part of Julius, cutting some scenes, adding others that might make the story, and trimming odds and ends here and there. Right now I’m reworking a scene in which there’s a work conflict for the main character and narrator.

This scene is the catalyst to getting her to quit her job. I’ve rewritten it two times now and it’s still not strong enough to spur such a strong reaction. My character comes across as a little pissy–understandably since she hates her job, but she seems spoiled.  So it’s back to the drawing board and see how I can make her more sympathetic, less bratty, and make her boss snottier and nastier.

Since I didn’t add any backstory of why she hates her job so much, I’m considering to add a couple of lines, explaining why. That means going back to the first chapter, and see where I can fit it in. Oy, gevalt!  This whole revision process never seems to end.

However, in spite of my kvetching, I see the beauty of the reworking scenes. It’s clearer to me where the story falters, where I need more conflict, and when to set up the premise that there’s something amiss. I guess I’m getting better at seeing the flaws and how to fix them.

And on that note, it’s time for some fixin’