Wow. Once you get it in your head that you need to climb out of the pit and actually do it, you wonder what the was it that held you back in the first place?

I am on a roll. The feedback has been very good in terms that doesn’t leave me discouraged. Some things need to be fixed here and there, but that’s what I expected.

What’s next on the agenda? Book One is finished–I know what needs to be changed and cut. I’m plowing onto Book Two. Ritz, may accountability partner, offered some great advice on back story or flashbacks and I’ll experiment with that. I’m actually quite excited by playing around with it. The back story in Julius is important, and without it, you really can’t understand why Corinne thinks the way she does.

As for revisions, although I am itching to make the changes now, I’m going to hold off. All of my writer friends are telling me to keep writing until the momentum wanes. Sensible advice. However in between these panster sessions, I’m reading Elizabeth Lyons Manuscript Makeover, which I’m finding very enlightening. I’ll go into further detail about  the book once I’m through with it and revise further my manuscript.

So,  I gotta keep rolling. It’s time for some more writing!