With NANOWRIMO over and taking last week off from writing fiction (but spending most of my week writing, editing, and proofing for HAND/EYE), it’s time I get back to Julius.

I’m  motivated to move forward. I have lots of ideas percolating in my head and how to get my characters out of the corner I wrote them into.  Some of the changes include scrapping a character whose purpose really makes no sense. Another character is going through a complete overhaul. And I finally figured out why Corinne dropped out of grad school.

One thing I’m fooling around with is changing the time setting of the story. Tea Party participants and those on the right screaming about the evil’s of socialism are great fodder, and it seems to make sense to change the setting to possibly to the current time period instead of making it 2007 time period. More fodder with conservatives and more timely.

That means more research,  more revisions and more references to the current and economic situation. Thanks to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and the tea party, I think Julius will be a much stronger story.

Off to revise Part One!


  • I agree, Rebeca, that the shift in time is interesting and will allow you to dig more deeply into the Tea Party movement (et al), but I have to ask: who will your audience be? I confess to walking away because I cannot confront issues raised by the radical right, and Beck and Palin fill me with repugnance. Maybe your story will help those who wobble away (like me) understand their repudiation of the left. I’d like to believe that perseverance furthers.

    • Beth,

      I’m targeting lefties like me. Old-time reds and pinks, or as the Ol’ Man likes to call them limousine liberals. My characters (or the Merry Marxists as I like to call them) will encounter a lot of criticism about the magazine and one tea bagger will be getting in their face a lot and causing them a lot of trouble.

      What I’m attempting is to show how history repeats itself with the quasi-McCarthyites we have in this country.

  • I remember hearing either Franzen or someone like him say on the radio that he draws on events long ago and makes them contemporary them. But I wouldn’t tie my fiction (were I writing any) to the headlines. That’s a moving target. Isn’t there a way in which a private story tells a social reality without spoonfeeding the reader?

    In other words, stick to where you are and just remain aware of how some things presage events you know developed from them. Write about 2007 with what you know from 2010. Besides, three years don’t make that much of a difference. Sarah Palin might be a flash in the pan. The so-called “tea party” doesn’t really exist other than on Fox News.