Have you noticed some subtle changes to the site?

If you can’t spot them, I’ll just give you a quick tour. First, I got rid of the subscription icons on the left sidebar. Maybe it wasn’t a smart move, but they weren’t working (and I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure what was wrong and couldn’t fix them). I still have a subscription option and it can be found on the upper right-hand corner. Just  click “Subscribe” and a screen will pop open and give you a choice of getting updates via email or an RSS reader.

I also deactivated Word of the Day on the sidebar to the right. I don’t think it added much–apart from making the sidebar look cluttered. But let’s get to this and that… the four big additions include the following:

I realize the quote from Marx might seem contradictory because I’m attempting to earn some cash. However, I won’t give you the hard sell of why I like these products. Let’s just keep it as I would never recommend anything I didn’t whole-heartedly advocate. And let’s face it, I have to support my caffeine and sugar addiction.

Now for the new tagline… When I first launched this site, I wanted it to be minimal and serious. I decided to go with the simple Freelance Writer & Book Reviewer. It served its purpose for two years, but maybe it’s a bit…dull. This new tagline kinda says it all.

I confess I’ve been reading about revamping posts and making the site more memorable. From what I learned—and this is it what it all boils down to—you need some sort of schtick to be more distinctive (and I know I still have a long way to go). Thus mine is just writing about whatever comes to mind as it relates to my own not-so astute observations—or possibly a rare one thrown in there now and then—about my writing experiences, Julius, my endless obsession with software, Alvah Bessie, the CPUSA, the Spanish Civil War, and on occasion a comment or two about a certain beagle and a certain Polish film director.

A Certain Beagle with a Certain Polish Film Director

And that’s it for this and that.