I still want Scrivener, but until the developers actually create a Windows version, I am S.O.L. Now, I really like yWriter, but I love the idea of Scrivner’s corkboard and I’ve tried to find other writing software that duplicates this feature, but I haven’t found anything close to it except an alpha version of Lyx-Outline which is supposed to be an add-in for LYX. I had both, but found them too clunky. If I need a back-up word-processor, I can use OpenOffice, but considering I just upgraded to Word 2010 and I actually like it, why fiddle around with another word-processing program?

However as I was perusing the Lyx-Outline comments, one response caught my eye. It seems that someone decided to design an outlining add-in for Word. It’s called Writing Outliner and it’s boasting that it will have a cork board feature for index cards. Hooray!

I used the trial version of the software and I liked it very much so I plunked down the $49.00 to buy the full version. The concept behind Outliner is project-based,  in other words, if you’re working on a book or a research paper it’s ideal to manage each chapter or section as a smaller writing project. I can have character bios, scenes, research notes, the whole shebang. Now I can do a lot of this in yWriter, but the issue with that software is really more about formatting. With Writing Outliner because it is an add-in for Word, I can have my margins, fonts, line-spacing formatted in a style I like.  In addition, I can export work I’ve already have written into the program.

Another program I discovered is SuperNoteCards. The concept behind that is to jot down ideas as they come. I haven’t used it yet, but  it’s similar to Microsoft’s Office One Note, which is essentially a centralized place to keep all your notes, videos, ideas, and photos.  So now that I have all these resources to keep me organized, it’s time to stop using the backs of envelopes  and paper napkins for notes.

Oh, on another note, my subscribe option on the home page now works. So if you want to read about my trials and tribulations, feel free to sign up!


  • Rebeca,

    What a concept- not having bits of paper everywhere and keeping everything
    in one place. I’m wondering how user-friendly the software is. Do I have to
    fall into the black hole of time to learn how to use it? Do you have a Mac?

    • It seems pretty easy to use. Now I have to get all my notes put together and transfer them over. The question is whether I can find them! No Mac for me, although I wish I had one, especially since I’m working for a magazine and everyone uses them, but a lot of my software–notably my windows version of Photoshop can’t be transferred, and I can’t afford another $700 for one program. Let alone for Word and the others I use.

  • I’m using Scrivener now- have been for a few days. As I thought, there’s a learning curve- and I had to watch the tutorial- hate when I have to do that. In fact, I might have to watch it again, but I’m loving the corkboard.

    When I bought the Mac, I ordered Microsoft Office to go with it, because I cut my teeth on a PC, and preferred Word to Apple. I gave up the photoshop, but I find Iphoto is pretty good, and there’s free photo manipulation software called Gimp. I have to say I don’t use it much, but I’m told it’s pretty good.

    • Rebecca Coleman had a photo of the corkboard posted on her FB page. And I was so jealous! But not for long….because Scrivener is coming out with a Windows version! Beta is out October 25th. The final product in January. And if you participate in NANOWRIMO and complete the 50K words in 30 days you get 50% off the price! Talk about an incentive to write and get a first draft completed.