Yes, I am beating a dead horse into the ground. I want Scrivener! Well, let me tell you a little story. My Facebook buddy, Rebecca Coleman, posted a photo of the corkboard on her Mac. I was green with envy because I really want a program that will keep me organized.

Writing Outliner has been good, but it’s a little buggy and I just love that Scrivener corkboard. I decided to PLEAD with the guys at Literature and Latte to design a version for PC users, and as soon as I got to their Facebook page, I saw the news: Scrivener is releasing October 25th a beta version for Windows. Hooray! Just in time to learn how to use it for NANOWRIMO.

The official sell date will be in January 2011 and if you participate in NANOWRIMO and complete the 50K word limit and it’s verified by NANOWRIMO, you get fifty percent of the price. So yes, I am participating in NANOWRIMO this November. I will complete my 50K words, and I will have the beta version of Scrivener.

To learn more about the windows version, you can read it all on the Scrivener for Windows page. And if you want to see how it will look, here’s a sneak preview:

I’m counting the days until I get my Scrivener!


  • I was in your position a couple of years ago and converted to Mac last year, just before NaNo to get Scrivener. Don’t really regret switching but glad Windows users get a taste of it too.

    Oh and cool Marx quote. I’m a Marxist writer and have never seen that quote before.

    • Thanks for commenting! I would gladly make the switch, but this laptop is only a year old. I recently bought Office 2010 and I have a Photoshop which is too expensive to replace. However, I am so happy about the new Scrivener and I can’t wait for the BIG day to arrive that I can learn how to use just before NANO.

      The quote is great, isn’t it? I actually have one of my characters use it in my current WIP, Julius.