Since getting the iPad, I discovered a great app that inspires me to draw. It’s called Paper by 53 and it has a bunch of nice features, but the one that I like the best is the sketching/doodling function. You don’t need a stylus to draw and can use your finger, but, lucky me, when I ordered my iPad cover it came with a stylus.

My drawings are quick sketches and because I am using an iPad and a stylus they’re not at all sophisticated. Today, I discovered how wrong I was that you can’t create layered and complicated art on the iPad with a stylus. I happened to look at apps Twitter feed and saw what others are creating. It puts my doodles to shame. In any case, I thought I would show you some of my finest pieces. I am quite proud of them because I’ve never been good at drawing.

Here are the first images just using my finger and testing out the app:

Doodle - 29

Doodle - 26

Doodle - 24

Once I had the stylus, I began to sketch some items around the house, including a beagle:

Doodle - 20

Doodle - 14

In the drawing feature there’s a paintbrush function that’s similar to painting with watercolors so I went ahead and played with “pigment”:

Doodle - 12

I’m discovering that each day I draw that I’m improving little-by-little. Below are the sketches I drew in the last three days:

Doodle - 2

Doodle - 3

Doodle - 6

What’s interesting about Paper by 53 is that somehow it isn’t as intimidating to digitally draw as it is (at least for me) in a traditional sketchbook using ink or pencil. Last night, I decided to give the iPad a rest (actually, more like a charge) and decided to draw in my new sketchook. With my sharpened pencil hovering over the page, I had this sudden fear that this non-digital sketch would never turn out as good. I persevered, put away the pencil and drew a series of flowers with my new set of colored pens:


I’m partial to the blue flowers on the lower left-hand corner.

I was inspired to learn to draw after viewing Meighan O’Toole’s Instagram feed and watching her progress. I reckoned if she could start fiddling with paints, pencils and colored pens, I could do the same. So now I have a pretty good selection of watercolor pigments, brushes, palettes, colored pencils, pens, sharpies, sketchbooks in different sizes, but Paper by 53 is my predominant drawing application. However,  I will continue playing with all mediums and will keep you abreast of my progress.