My Writer for Hire produced no new clients, but I managed to get a generous project that allowed me to consider investing in an iPad and installing the new iOS Scrivener. The deciding factor was a social media client who needs daily updates on Instagram and Facebook (so much for that hiatus). Technically, I could do these updates on my phone but the tiny onscreen keyboard is hard on the eyes and I don’t like typing with my thumbs.

I researched the various generations and settled on the iPad 4,which runs iOS 9, which is what IOS Scrivener requires. Lucky me, I found one on eBay from a seller that refurbishes iPads. Mine has a new screen and a couple of nicks around the edges. Otherwise, it’s pretty close to new. Let’s say newish at best. It arrived on Monday and it felt like Christmas and my birthday combined. I played with it. I downloaded apps that I had on the phone and purchased Scrivener.

Thoughts thus far…it took me a while to understand how to sync with Dropbox and after viewing several videos, I was even more confused with the instructions. I sort of figured it out and when I synced Julius and opened it on the iPad, but I noticed that my gallery of images had disappeared. What happened? I don’t know, but I think it was an error on my part. What I saw was that the index cards were labeled but no photos. I managed to find the images and repopulate the gallery and sync it back again—actually there were several steps or attempts in between of linking and unlinking Dropbox, but I sort of figured it out. Or so I thought. To make a long story short, after a texting exchange with a friend now I understand how the entire process works and what I was doing wrong.

I’ve linked several projects onto the iPad and I am writing this post using iOS Scrivener  as a practice run to get acquainted with the interface. I’m currently using the onscreen keyboard and it’s not that bad at all. In fact, Scrivener has included some added-value keypads so you don’t need to be toggling back and forth between the iPad’s alphabet/symbol/punctuation onscreen keypad. Just as an FYI, I intend to offer tutorials in two weeks both on Simply Scrivener and privately. For private class rates, drop me an email.

But getting back to becoming more mobile. I’ve always had the concern that if I took my laptop to a coffeehouse, the library, or needed to travel with it at some point, and given the odds because it is a MacBook Pro, it would be stolen or break. Plus, after a while, it gets heavy to schlep around. I considered a Mac Air, but pricey and, again, there’s that fear of theft. Of course, the same could happen with the iPad, but the dollar loss isn’t a thousand bucks

So I’m happy with it and the old iPad 1 I bought in April for almost nothing will be a back-up Kindle.The Samsung Tablet I am giving to a friend. And after this purchase I believe I am done with the early Christmas presents to myself.


  • Do you find the iPad 4 performs suitably? I love my iPad 4, use it mostly as a PDF reader for highly formatted documents, and don’t really feel like upgrading. You’re the only person I’ve found talking about Scrivener on an iPad 4, so I’m hoping you can say whether it is usable in practice or if it is too slow to be suitable for real work.