Scrivener for Windows is here.

After all the nail chewing, obsessively checking the forums, Facebook, Lit&Lat’s blog for a month, what’s the verdict? It’s amazing. And I haven’t even started fooling around with it. Although this is BETA 1, it’s still very buggy. A lot of people have gone through the tutorial and have found numerous issues. So far, I’ve had a few crashes, text doesn’t import properly, and some odds and ends that seem a little off. Within the next few days I’ll start the heavy duty writing and figuring out all the functions and capabilities. Right now I’m learning the very basics.

Starting Saturday, when I’m supposedly not working on any articles, I’ll start a series of Scrivener for Windows Tips. I hope this is helpful for those who recently downloaded the software. Please don’t expect for any super high-tech explanations. Last night on the forums, several people were saying that they couldn’t even open the beta version then went on with details of their operating system. All Greek (or Geek) to me. I’ve downloaded the software twice. On the HP laptop with Vista and on the netbook with Windows 7 starter and it all seems to be working fine with some of the glitches I mentioned.

Okay, I have one more article to write, and a letter from the editor. I think I’ll try them out on Scrivener.