I am currently in the second week of my New Hampshire vacation. I am sitting in the bunk house of the cabin we have rented for two weeks. There is no internet and cell phone service is very limited (even more so because I forgot my charger). So how did I manage to post this? Via the library’s wifi.

I have to admit that I like the idea of not having to check email every ten minutes and worry about whatever comes up with work, but my obsessive-compulsion disorder is itching to drive to find a hotspot and reply to emails Alas, I decided to give myself only a few hours a day to check email, plan September stories, and take a month-long Scrivener class. The rest of the time is dedicated to reading, writing, longs walks with the mutts, and swimming.

Because I have given myself a couple of hours of internet access that means I usually spend most of my time reading through emails and replying to the ones that are important. I spend little time at the virtual water cooler otherwise known as Facebook. And now that I’ve become a part of of Google+, I think I will phase myself out of FB by the end of the year. Why is that? Although I am friends with a lot of writers on FB from the IWW and I love Sarah, Rebecca, Ann, Myra, Rick, Lynn, Amanda, Gary and Terin and I hope they migrate to Google+ so we can still comment about books, politics, and life in general, there is a cliquish high school quality to FB that I don’t like. Google+ seems to be more serious and grown-up.

Venting and just plain horsing around on FB is very easy to do, but, like email, the tone can be misinterpreted if it’s not properly worded and it can bite you in the ass down the road. I know this from past and recent experience. It’s time I put that foot in mouth filter back on and do some self-censoring. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to leave the virtual water cooler with the junior staff who gossip about celebrities and fashion and go out for a virtual cup of coffee with an interesting colleague who shares the same interests at Google+.


  • Funny, but we tend to ponder similar things at times. Was just thinking about social media presence, how overwhelming it is and how the interactions can sometimes be…well, a bit vapid. Been thinking of a G+ migration as well, and although I’ve been there awhile, I keep forgetting it’s there! But I laughed a knowing chuckle at your reactions to limiting ‘net access. Weird how that’s become so ingrained in our psyche. See ya on G+ (if I remember to check it!).