It’s been several weeks that I’ve actually have had anytime to do a Scrivener Saturday, but I put off the tutorial because I wanted to wait for the latest iteration of the Beta version so I could play around with some features. My plan was to write about the outliner mode, but a feature popped out at me that I love and want to share with you today.

I read the forums everyday and for the most part, many of the bugs people have written about I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing them. When I see a topic that’s of interest, I check out what the problem is then open my version of Scrivener and see if I have the same bug. About 98 percent of the time I don’t, which is good for two reasons. One, I seem to have a system that tolerates the Beta versions; and two, I learn about other features within the program.

The feature I discovered recently was the “Scratch Pad.” At first I thought it was a little redundant because of the document and project notes that’s in the Inspector section, but it wasn’t after I read the forum post that I understood the the overall function.

The purpose is that if you’re working away on another project and you suddenly get an inspiration you can jot it down. The beauty of the scratch pad is that it stays open all the time. So if I’m not in Scrivener, but fiddling around with an email or a thread on Facebook, that Scratch Pad is always in the background in an unobtrusive manner—a ghostlike image. Once I click on the apparition, it opens and I can type my quick thought. Now the folks at Literature &Latte did an even better one with the Scratch Pad, they added a little feature that you can send the text into your project. Just click on the button that says “Send to Project” and you can copy the notes to either the document the section you want it in or in research. You also have the option to select just a section of the note and send it to your project.

Where do you find this dandy feature? Just go to the menu bar to Window and you’ll see “Scratch Pad”. Or you can type in the shortcut, “Ctrl+/” And there you have it!

What does it look like?

And how does the ghost like feature look like in another program?

No more lost thoughts, no more writing on napkins or the back of envelopes, or on Post-its that fall off or get lost. Just keep the Scratch Pad open and jot away!

Next week it’s all about formatting!