There have been several posts concerning formatting on Literature and Latte’s Scrivener for Windows forum. Several people commented about margins, fonts, and line spacing not saving. Again, a reminder, this is still in beta and the bugs are still in the process of getting zapped.

But some folks who have taken upon themselves to play around with the software, and who are not Lit & Lat employees, have provided a lot of feedback on how to get your margins to stay put.

I have to comment that for some reason all the betas have not given me any problem at all with the exception of margins. During one of my many rounds of revisions for Julius, I had to fix the margins a number of times and each fix never saved. I finally had enough and wrote a note on the forum and one of the members said to move the top ruler marker to where I wanted to set it and that would solve the problem. Lo and behold, it did.

The current 1.55 Beta now has line spacing and it works pretty much the same as it does on Word, but what if the document you imported is completely screwed up.  How can you fix it? The fastest way is to hit Ctrl+A that will highlight everything. Move the top ruler mark to set your margins, and in the formatting toolbar choose the font you like and the point size.

But the line spacing is still screwed up? Here’s the secret to fix that: click on the line space tab then click on “Other Spacing.” You’ll have to fool with it to find the parameters that you want to set, but once you’ve determined how you want it (I like 1.5 line spacing), your line spacing will be set and it will be saved.

You’ll have to do this for every document that you import, but if you create a new text file, all your formatting parameters will be set and saved.

Another way to go about it is to use the menu bar. Go to Edit, click on it, from there go to Options and click on that.

Scroll through until you reach editor and from there set your margins, fonts, point size and line spacing, again you can go into Other Spacing and type in your parameters.

Hit “Apply” and you’re set!

Coming up meta-data…