Back in November, I wrote about how you can import mindmaps into Scrivener and how simple the process was. Today, I take a look at exporting a text file.

Every week I have to get HAND/EYE Magazine’s online issue ready. I have my articles placed in its appropriate folder and then I either write or edit the article in Scrivener. Before I used the exporting feature, I would open Word, go back to Scrivener, copy and paste the article back into Word. Why I did this is a mystery. Perhaps, I didn’t trust the technology or maybe I just thought I had to go through the process of compiling, which I have not mastered at all. But I didn’t want to compile the articles into one large document and then have to break them up. So I got to thinking that if I could import individual files into Scrivener, could I possibly export them to a Word file that would already be formatted? The only way I would know was to try it.

And the process is simple. Here are the steps (no graphics for this):

1. Select the document you want to export from the Binder.

2. Go to File and select Export

3. At Export, select Files

When you click on Files a window will pop open (picture time, click on image for larger view) that looks like this:

You can change the name of the document, select where you want to export to and it in what format you want it. I always select Word and I usually have in Favorites a folder dedicated for articles for that week. You also have several options to include notes for that document, snapshots, meta-data, comments and annotations and selected files.

Once it’s exported, the document is already formatted and you’re done. Easy as pie.


  • I downloaded the trial version of Scrivener and began toying with it in the fall of 2011. I initially used it for outlining, I loved the corkboard feature. I then decided to give it a try for NaNoWriMo 2011. It was the first year I finished. Attribute it to the intuitive interface, great tools or just having all your writing, characters and research in one program. I love writing in scenes and being able to drag and drop these as I need to rearrange my story is priceless. There is a free trial so why not give it a shot!
    If anyone decides to buy Scrivener I was given a limited use coupon here You’ll get 20% off – until it expires. Enjoy!