I’m practicing a dual writing process. For my small writing group, I am posting revised chapters I previously submitted to the Novel’s List at IWW while I send new material to the list.

Somehow this method seems to help with the new material because I don’t need to go back and see whether a detail that plays in the future gets somehow turned around in later chapters because I don’t recall it. In other words, it’s helping with continuity.

For each round of revisions, I’m either cutting or adding scenes, switching the order, reworking dialogue so that it sounds natural to the ear and so on.  I’ve realized, though, that much of the narrative still needs more oomph, or more in-depth detail.

I have to admit that I’m losing patience with myself and I want to finish the damn book so I can move on to the next step (the synopsis and query letter. Ack!), but I can’t reach this until Julius is perfect (or as perfect as possible). So now as part the revision process is to add more depth, show more of the senses, maybe play around with some similes and metaphors, but instead of tackling an entire chapter per day as was my method, now I’;; focus on revising paragraph by paragraph, line by line. Oy. There are a lot of lines in Julius, but thank goodness I have short paragraphs.

Onward, page one, paragraph one, line one . . ..