My reading marathon for both learning and pleasure continues, and I’ve been perusing the bestseller lists, reading book reviews and blogs to get recommendations. Recently, I was invited to subscribe to another newsletter, , To Be Read, and it’s brilliant. It’s very simple in nature–book title and the cover, a quick synopsis, and blurbs from major reviewers or authors.

The newsletter comes three times a week, and so far the selections have been pretty intriguing. The founders welcome suggestions of all kinds so you might see both recently published books or some pretty old ones.

If you want some great reading suggestions, check out the site and sign up for the newsletter. It’s free and very welcome visitor to your inbox.


  • Rebeca,

    I’m always interested in reading suggestions, but the ToBeRead link didn’t work for me. I’ll google it, but I thought you’d like to know.

    By the way, I never cease to be amazed at everything you’re able to do, with your job, the writing, the reading marathons, the website searches. You are one amazing person.