Author Nancy J. Parra, one of my Facebook pals, recently posted on her blog, “Resolution–Read.” She writes that as a child she was a voracious reader, reading up to six books a week, but as an adult she’s been reading less, using her spare time to write. For 2010 her resolution is:

To rediscover reading with abandon. I have to read for my Master’s program, but my goal is to read more than that. My goal is to read all the books on my shelf, to read as many debut novels as possible, to read in as many genre’s as possible. In essence, my one resolution this year is to read in hopes of finding the lost joy, the lost wonder and bring it back into my life.  

Fortunately for me I read a lot because of Alvah’s Books, but I understand Nancy’s laments about using her free time to write. Last night, I sat down with my electronic calendar and alloted time for freelance work, writing Julius, this blog, exercise, ESL, French and Photoshop. Where does reading fit in? Not sure yet, but it is a priority.

One of my reading goals for 2010  is to read the two dozen writing books I have collected in the past three years. Today I started Jill Dearman’s Bang the Keys, which according to the back cover it is:

A writing workshop in a book for the concentration-challenged, twenty-first century writer. Bang the Keys brings an irreverant, effective, and erudite approach to the craft and practice of writing. Based on eternal principles that work for scribes of all stripes, this practical compendium contains energetic and original ideas for writers who have become masters at setting their own mind traps. 

Sounds like a perfect fit.  Thus, this week’s reading agenda  is to finish Bang the Keys–I’ll provide a review of it on Alvah’s Books. Moving forward, I’ll read the mighty Writer’s Digest books on craft and review those as well.

Now off to revise chapter three of Julius.

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