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I keep a list of blogs in Feedly because of the tweeting I do for Writer Unboxed. There are several I visit often, but because I spend a lot of time reading books and writing, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend reading through all the blogs.

I’d like to change that and get into the habit of reading at eight to nine blogs a day just the way I spend time reading the newspaper. I’ve divided them into five sections:

1. Writing (fiction and nonfiction)

2. Productivity

3. Social Media

4. Food Politics

5. Tools for Writers (paper, pen and software)

In the writing category, right now I am impressed with Ksenia Anske’s blog. Her most recent topic is about plotting and how she writes her books. She’s mentioned Robert Olen Butler’s From Where Your Dream, which I’m reading and watching the series Inside Creative Writing with Robert Olen Butler on You Tube.  And of course, I can’t live without my WriterUnboxed daily read.

In the non-fiction category, Mridu Khullar Relph’s The International Freelancer is the must-read for all freelance writers. It’s not targetted to just writers who cover international stories or write from aboard, it’s for all freelancers. I mentioned in a previous post her 30 Days, 30 Queries e-course and it is amazing. Read Mridu and learn from Mridu.

For productivity I always seem to land on of’s pages so I’ve added that to my Feedly list. Tuesday’s big feature was 15 Reasons You Can’t Reach Your Goals. If you’ve been frustrated because you haven’t been able to meet your goals, it’s most likely you don’t know how to plan and follow through. This reminds that a special shout out goes to I just downloaded the free PDF, and after working with it, I’ve decided to get the bound copy of the planner.

Frances Caballo the social media whiz and blogger behind Social Media Just for Writers gets a lot of attention from me. She has a breezy way of writing easy-to-understand articles about social media other pluses include she lives in the Bay Area, where I went to school, and she’s a dog lover.

I’m interested in food politics and agriculture and one of the best sites I’ve discovered is Civil Eats. This is from the sites About section:

“Civil Eats is a daily news source for critical thought about the American food system. We publish stories that shift the conversation around sustainable agriculture in an effort to build economically and socially just communities.

Under the Tools for Writers my current favorite is Quo Vadis. This covers traditional tools like pens, notebooks and paper, but the entries are varied like writing as meditation, planning, time management and product reviews. Also worth mentioning on the tech side is Mac|Life and MacWorld for tech geeks like me looking for software that will make the writing and research process easier.

Do you have favorite blogs you like to read on a daily basis and would like to share?


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