Last night I reached the 20,000 word mark (actually, 20,086), and I ended part one of The Wilde Solution. So far I have thirteen chapters. The last chapter, I changed the point of view to Cyprian’s. I decided that part two will have Hal’s and Cyprian povs. And as it stands, I don’t know whether I’ll have part three just yet. I see most of the action and resolution occurring in this second section of the book.

I’ll post part one in a couple of days. I want to clean it up before it goes live here (no deleting words, but adding more description which will boost the word count too.)  Just remember this is a CRAPO first draft.  The whole point of the exercise is to show what the beginning of a story looks like and see the transformation from first draft to third draft.  No critiquing at all. I’ll open the comments section once the whole story is up.

One thing to note is that  in this final chapter, I’ve let the cat out of the bag. Now the question is whether Hal will catch on or not. And what is the Wilde solution? Ah, that will be shown in the middle of part two.

Okay, I really need a very, very strong cup of coffee because I have some writing to do!