As a joke I wrote on my Facebook status that I had been thinking a lot about vampires and that perhaps Julius should be a story be about the resurrection of the Hollywood Ten and the Rosenbergs as vampires. The premise is they return after word gets back to them that the FBI is pushing the envelope with surveillance and privacy rights, the breakdown of collective bargaining for public employees, and the Wal-Mart Supreme Court Case. They decide to takeover the government and recruit Leon Trotsky, Che Guevara, Buenaventura Durruti to lead the revolution. Rosa Luxemburg ousts Hillary Clinton as secretary of state and Father Lenin comes back to life to preside in the East Wing and declares that all tea baggers be exiled to Pakistan (read Nick Kristof for that reference).

Given that agents and publishers are enamored with vampires, zombies, trolls, gremlins and other paranormal entities, I wouldn’t be surprised that someone would think that this dribble would make a bestseller. Or perhaps I’m insulting their intelligence? Well, maybe not. Maybe there’s something I’m not seeing that makes a bestseller. If the masses want paranormal then who am I to argue?

Back to my undead. So my thought on this new version of Julius, which would be titled the Progressive Undead would focus of how those of the American left were unjustly accused of wanting to commit treason. From beyond their graves the Hollywood Ten and the Rosenbergs return as vampires. I haven’t figured out yet how they become vampires, maybe a last visit from Marx before they die—who all this time is really the Grand Vampire of the left—tells them that history will repeat itself but as a farce and that’s when they need resurrect themselves. Actually, that’s not so bad….

Now I don’t intend to be too preachy (well, maybe a little), but the undead who team up to create a lot of trouble in the Beltway will have their own conflicts (remember, every good story has some decent conflict going on both internally and with other characters). For the most part, our heroes will have ideological conflicts. Will the Anarchists, the orthodox Communists and the Leninists see eye-to-eye in attempting to find a common solution in ridding the United States of its right-wing tea bagger trolls? Will a one-payer health system be enforced? What economic policies will be enforced to get us out of the pit. And that’s probably where I might get a little preachy because, if you follow this blog, you know that I believe in providing enough history that gives readers context of why these ideological conflicts exist. Maybe in this instance I’ll footnote it. But if you’re interested read Draper’s The Roots of American Communism or take a shortcut and watch Reds.

Will my vampires succeed in taking over the US government. Yes, will it be a long-lived utopia of progressive programs, a classless society where the living and the undead work and live in harmony? That’s the big question because as the Left (even though they’re dead) will prove—once again—they simply can’t agree on what’s the best approach to govern: the Anarchists won’t want any government control, while the Communists feel that the state should provide for the masses, and the Leninists will want to explore revolution in other parts of the world.

Of course this is part of  a three book series. Book One the Progessive Undead where there’s the revolution and takeover of the US. Book Two focuses on the Teabagger Trolls’ Government-in-Exile in Pakistan who plot a coup to regain power and Book Three, to quote Boris Karloff’s last line in the Bride of Frankenstein, “We Belong Dead” where the living have to clean up all the blood and Gore.

So that’s it: blood, vampires, and radical politics (and some sex). What do you think–will I get any bites?


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