I finally had to replace my reset button because I’ve hit it so many times this year that it broke.

I’m putting this out right now: 2017 hasn’t been the greatest. I  managed to get through it with a lot of angst that was triggered by the realization that I endured long-term emotional abuse. The good news is that I’ve learned coping techniques to keep my anxiety under control. The bad news is that one of my coping mechanisms is eating.

Yesterday, during a moment of restlessness and mad cravings to eat sweets, I broke down and made a pound cake. I then proceeded to eat half of it. That, in turn, induced a bout of fear—in essence that I am committing suicide by not eating healthy and paving the way to obesity and the comorbidities that accompany excess weight.

After my self-reprimands of potentially eating my way into an early grave, I decided to distract myself by looking at my Instagram feed. Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is my favorite. I get to look at gorgeous images, inspiring me to get back to drawing, crocheting, and taking photographs.

I follow several friends—from Facebook and in real life—but the individual who has recently caught my fancy is the Accidental Icon. Lyn Stander is a professor and quite the clothes horse. She recently posted about a reset in her life. Her words inspired me to get that damn button fixed.

Once I pushed reset, I wrote a necessary email, fixed up my messed up Statcounter app for this site, and reapplied for Amazon’s affiliate program. I also finished editing articles, wrote the email blast, and decided to attend a reading tonight at the library with a friend.

Do I feel better? Yes. Getting out of my own way always makes me feel like I’ve done something worthwhile. But there’s more I want to do, and that’s renovating this site. I’ve been wanting to turn it into a combination writing and lifestyle blog, but what stops me is the massive redesign. It’s a lot of work, but it needs a fresh look.

That being said, you might see different looks in the coming weeks as I experiment with different themes. In the meantime, I’ll be posting more often about writing, software, books, health and wellness, and those not-so-astute observations.