PhotoFunia-227edcfI write about anything that catches my fancy. It’s mostly about my many misadventures with my novel, Julius, and my not-so astute observations about the craft of writing, social media, my obsession with software, and  anything having to do with Alvah Bessie, the CPUSA, and the Spanish Civil War.

When I’m not anguishing over Julius, I work as the online editor and writer of HAND/EYE Magazine. In addition to working at the magazine, I recently started a social media consultancy.  If you need some guidance about how to create a presence on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, I can answer your questions and help create a strategy that will get you noticed and connected.

To get in touch with me, you can leave a comment on any of the posts, or email me at rebecaschiller425 at gmail [dot] com.