If you’ve been an early follower, you know that I love to research and for Julius I spent probably far too much time researching events, people, and places for possibly one mention in a 100K word novel. But I am stickler to fact and not one to take artistic liberties when it comes to history.

I finished my hard research for Julius when I read Kate Zernike’s Boiling Mad: Inside Tea Party America. I needed more context about the Tea Party because, in this case, I am taking some artistic liberties and created “Premature Tea-Baggers”–this is my take of the term “Premature Anti-Fascists (to read an excellent piece about by Bernard Knox about Premature Anti-Fascists, just click on the link).

Now, in between rewrites, it’s time to start that agent research and compile a list of blogs and websites. Of the agent blogs I follow, I currently read Rachelle Gardner’s blog. I like her voice, style, and advice. Unfortunately, she’s currently not accepting queries. I also like Betsy Lerner’s piquant voice and her posts are hilarious. Betsy is also the author of the advice book for writers The Forest for the Trees, which I highly recommend.

So during this ongoing agent search, I thought why keep this all to myself? Why not share it and make things easier for my fellow writers who at some point will need to do their own search. I’ve compiled this list from other lists I discovered online. For the blogs, it’s not simply a cut and paste exercise, I have vetted each one. If it looks interesting and current, it goes on the agent list. Some like Miss Snark, who is no longer blogging, but whose posts are archived, go in the regular blog roll. Why? Because she provided writers with a wealth of information about  querying.

The list is an ongoing process. I only have ten agents/agencies listed so far.Whenever one catches my eye whether mentioned in a book’s acknowledgements or from another source and I deem it a valuable resource, I will add it to the list.

I hope this cuts the time in your research and that you find it helpful, and if you have an agent who represents you and who also blogs, but isn’t included, please send the link on over!

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  • Rebeca,
    Nice to meet you on Twitter. Send me a real email address and I’ll send you my slush pile of agent names. They are all totally unguaranteed — I’ve just been gathering them in Evernote against the time I’ll need them, but you’re welcome to make anything out of it you can. There are about 45 of them.
    Some are agents and some are advice on how to find an agent.
    I’d like to keep this private, please. I’m still a ways from having what I can convince myself is a completed manuscript.
    Always nice to meet another Scrivener fan.