Tomorrow is another day. ~ Scarlett, O’Hara, Gone with the Wind

Is it really? Do you have another day to put off what you should have done today?

This morning whenI checked my emails, I saw a note that was forwarded from the Facebook group I moderate. One of our members, Lisa Threadgill, passed away unexpectedly.

Lisa had a condition that was monitored by doctors. We all, and I’m assuming she is as well, thought she was fine. Apparently not. She was taken to the hospital unconscious, put on life support and when all the tests showed she had no brain activity her family made the tough decision to take her off life support.

My deepest sympathies go to her loved ones. I know the decision is a terrible one to make, but to watch a person, who was full of life, waste away in a vegetative state is torture.

I am saddened by Lisa’s passing, but also feel terribly guilty. Why? Because I was one of her beta readers. She emailed me her 800 page book in December with the expectation to get my feedback in April, but between moving, working, the Ol’ Man’s health issues, I kept putting off to read her story.

When you beta read, it’s not a quick read. You’re looking for inconsistencies in the timeline, character development, plot holes, grammar, what can be edited, added, and so on. I used to be able to plough through 800 pages in about two weeks time, but that was when I was reading for entertainment. So now that I finally had time, I was about to sit with Lisa’s book, and read where I had left off and take notes. But I’m too late. I missed the opportunity to discuss her story with her, to meet her in November, and talk books, movies, life in Cali, and everything in between.

Life gets in the way and there are times when you’re tired or preoccupied to write, read, exercise or whatever project you want to start, but procrastinating makes things worse and it can make you feel like crap. And that’s how I feel. I let Lisa down by procrastinating, and ultimately I let myself down.

So here’s the lesson: in spite of Scarlett’s endless optimism that tomorrow is another day, sometimes tomorrow won’t arrive. So whatever it is that you need to do, don’t put it off and just get it done. Today. Now.