…In exactly 22 days. By March 29th I’ll be in my new and humble abode in the Adirondacks. It’s exciting, but I still have a lot to do here at the beach. We’ve sold or dumped quite a bit of stuff, including a mahogany sailboat dinghy and Honda motorcycle (sold) and a dresser and an elliptical (dumped) along with several boxes of books donated to the library and to the “goody” pile at the dump.

Apart from the move itself there’s also work, and 2014 so far has been the complete opposite of 2013. There’s an abundance of work that’s been keeping me out of trouble, and that brings me to an announcement . . . starting April 7th, I’ll be teaching a Beginner’s Scrivener course that’s sponsored by the Colorado chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

It’s a six week online course that “meets” three times a week. I’ll show Scrivener (Mac and Windows) newbies, and those who want to become more comfortable with the basics, the essentials that will provide them with a good grasp of how the program works. It will allow them to start writing quickly and not get overwhelmed with all the features. To sign up for the class go to http://crw-rwa.ning.com/page/2013-onlineworkshops. Scroll down for the April classes and you can sign up right there.

I’m hoping to be back on regular schedule now that I seem to have organized myself to get all my projects completed in a timely fashion. I admit with everything happening at the same time plus the move and dealing with the Ol’ Man’s health issues it’s been a bit overwhelming, but thanks to my handy To Do lists (and I discovered a new software program thanks to Michael Hyatt) that it’s put me right on track.

And now I leave you with this lovely view of the stars….

Adirondack Night Sky