It’s been a little over a week since the move up to the mountains, and in these ten days I’ve been familiarizing myself with the area. The hamlet where we’ve settled doesn’t have much with the exception of a hardware store, a liquor store with an attached tavern, a post office, a pizzeria, which is actually very good, and a convenience store/gas station. The nearest grocery store is about 25 miles away, and to get there you drive past vistas of lakes and through more mountain roads.

Once you hit the town, you can see that it’s geared more for summer tourists. There are more shops, but most of them are closed for the season. One sign that was posted at a doughnut stand warned people to not to feed the bears. So far I’ve seen deer, but no bears. I suppose they know the pickings are still slim in early April.

It’s quiet here. The few neighbors we have are scattered up the mountain, and it seems that they’re like the bears and make their respective appearances during the summer. So I’m assuming it might get a bit noisier, but not much because most of the houses are in the woods so there are no lawns to mow. In fact, I doubt there are any lawn crews, and there certainly aren’t any contractors remodeling houses.

The house we rented has views of the forest, the first floor is an open space with 30 feet of windows. Our view is nothing but trees, and we’ve seen enormous deer make their way across the woods. They know we’re here with three dogs, and by their casual strolling it seems they’re not intimidated at all by the mutts. But when you share the woods with numerous bears, a Jack Russell terrier is no big deal.

The top floor of the house has views of the other side of the forest and I’ve made one of the rooms my study. Although my desk is in storage and I won’t see it for at least another two months, I’ve turned a large table as a desk and I’m in the process of adding my personal décor touches. It’s a smaller, more intimate space that has a deck with stairs that lead down to the woods. It will be interesting to see what strolls by my window while I work.

Wait is that a bear? No, just a shadow.


This study is a nice departure from what I had at the beach. There, my home office was also a bedroom and it also housed my elliptical (now long gone). With the desk, bed, dresser, bookcase, captain’s chest and elliptical, it was crowded and I felt like I always spent my time in that room either working or sleeping.

Now that I have a new workspace, my plan is to take advantage of it. It’s specifically set up for writing, but also cosy nighttime reading and some crocheting.

Did I mention that I’ve become enamored of crocheting? After reading and writing about it for the magazine, I decided that it’s not an old lady’s hobby after all. So far, I’ve somewhat mastered the chain stitch. My goal this weekend is to make one lousy square. Hopefully by the end of spring I’ll have made enough squares to sew together a small afghan. And maybe by the end of summer I’ll have mastered the circle. Yes, I lead an exciting life.

Concerning my beloved Julius, I’m giving it a long rest. The woods and Juliani pigs have hit me hard with inspiration and I have a story idea that I hope can turn into something interesting. I’ll write more about that later next week.



  • Oh, you got me with the word ‘hamlet.’ That’s storybook territory in my mind’s eye. 😉 
    There were black bears living on our acreage in Northern NJ. They dislike noise so a few pennies shaken in an empty coffee can help drive them off–just don’t leave any food scraps (re: easy accessible garbage bags) where they can get them, and *don’t have bird feeders. The seed will attract them. (One climbed up to my second story porch to empty out the feeder.) 

    So excited for you, Beca, and def want to see a pic of your wonderful writing space. :).