Gut Feeling

Gut Feeling

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” ― Ray Bradbury

I’m a big believer of going with what your gut tells you, and yet I never follow my own advise. I overthink, listen to what others tell me, no matter how misguided that advise might be, and I ignore this sixth sense that something may be amiss.

Of course, when I choose plan C over plan B, and my project falls apart, there’s this head shaking that I should have gone with my intuition, but more importantly to get out of my own way by the rationalizing my decision.

However, in this moment of self-doubt (see, I am getting in my own way) I don’t know what to write. I do, but what’s stopping me is that niggling inner critic yelling very loudly that the whole premise of the story isn’t worth saving. Who wants to read about a dreamy, altruistic Marxist who has a dead, blacklisted screenwriter as her guardian angel?

And yet, my intuition is telling me, “You can save it. Just stop thinking about it so much, carve out some time in your schedule, empty your mind of all your other commitments, and just read what you wrote and start tweaking. You’ll see what’s missing. You will have that ‘aha’ moment.”

I want to argue back, but I’ve decided to take the George Constanza approach of doing the opposite of what I normally set out to do, and follow my gut. I’ve done this in the past and it always works whether it’s ignoring the cookies in the kitchen cabinet and losing weight to letting the muse guide me as I write.

Do you follow your intuition or do you get in your own way by overthinking?