About two years ago at a Christmas party, one of the editors of the local newspaper came up to me and said, “You must laugh a lot at your house.” She was referring to the Ol’ Man who writes two humor columns for the weekly paper. Before I could say anything the Ol’ Man piped in and said, “Not really, she has no sense of humor.” Of course, the editor found this hilarious and for the rest of the night I was known as the one with no sense of humor.

His comment was certainly not worth arguing over, and I admit that what I find funny usually goes over the heads of many people.  When it comes to cracking a smile, I’m a hard nut. In any case, when the Ol’ Man does one of his Three Stooges routines with the silly sound effects I leave the room, and I can hear as I’m walking away that I have no sense of humor. When this occurred a few months ago I finally told him that even as a little kid I could never understand the humor of the Three Stooges, and not once did I ever laugh, guffaw, giggle, or smile at their antics. In fact I usually turned off the TV. That’s how unfunny they were to me as a kid. Then I added that I didn’t think most women find the Three Stooges amusing at all. Which, of course, he said that I had no proof and it was all based on my bias against this great comedic trio.

Now that we’re two months away from the Christmas parties and the editor who knows me as “She Who Has No Sense of Humor” will tell the story (again) of how I was outed as a sour puss, but this time  I am prepared to defend my stance of why I don’t find a lot of what the old man writes as funny (okay, I’ll give him some credit–it’s mildly amusing) and cite my recent, albeit very unscientific survey and conclusion that it’s true women don’t like the Three Stooges.

My sampling was among my female friends on Facebook , and the question was simple: Do you think the Three Stooges are funny? With the exception of one person, who said that a certain character she found amusing, all the responses were a resounding NO. Although the sampling was small, and one man chimed in (with a no) it proved my point that the majority of women don’t find The Three Stooges humorous. In fact, a lot of them offered good comedic alternative like Abbot and Costello, The Marx Brothers, Rowan and Martin.  These ladies obviously know funny when they see and hear it, and the Three Stooges failed miserably.

So this got me thinking of what is funny and I decided to do a small, top of mind round-up of what or who has me made me laugh over the years. Below is my list:

  • Jack Lemmon in drag in Some Like it Hot. All his scenes, especially when he really gets into dating millionaire Joe E. Brown.
  • William Goldman’s italicized commentaries in The Princess Bride.
  • “To War, To War” musical routine in The Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup.
  • Peter Sellers mispronouncing English words in the Pink Panther series and getting frustrated when no one one understands him.
  • Numerous Saturday Night Live sketches. Most notably the earlier ones like Killer Bees, Land Shark, Samurai, Roseann Roseannadana, most of the newscasts, the Wild and Crazy Guys bit with Steve  Martin and Dan Ackroyd, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Jan Hooks as Hillary Clinton (it’s not easy being co-president), Dana Carvey as George Bush (I’m a Jimmy Carter).
  • Dan Quayle
  • John Barrymore’s over the top performance in Twentieth Century
  • Victor Borge’s “Inflationary Language”
  • The Jack Benny Show
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Seinfeld (Man hands, low speaker, high speaker, close speaker, bad breaker-upper, Master of your domain, Soup Nazi, puffy shirt, and on and on and on)
  • George Carlin
  • Soupy Sales
  • Calvin and Hobbes

On that note I’ll end it with this which sums up of how I feel about people who think I don’t have a sense of humor.