About three weeks ago for dinner, the Ol’ Man ate a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, corn on the cob and a salad. I’ve been shying away from eating pork for a couple of months, but occasionally I’ve indulged in a couple of strips of bacon or a slice of pork tenderloin. Every time ate it; I felt terrible.

But this time, I couldn’t bring myself to eating pork. Instead, I opted for the corn and salad. The next day I made the decision to eliminate slowly cheese and milk from my diet. Why? It turns out I am lactose intolerant.

I blamed much of my heartburn issues on the extra weight I was carrying. But every time I consumed some dairy product—yogurt, cream, milk in my coffee, cheese, ice cream—I was in discomfort. Nighttime was the worst. I was a little put off that my body was rebelling in this manner. It put the kibosh on my ice cream making adventures for the summer, and it also meant no more endless cups of coffee with half-and-half, or my favorite—caffe mit Schlag.

I figured I could get used to coffee without milk or cream, and substitute it with soy milk or any of the nut milks, but I also wanted to cut my caffeine. Why? High blood pressure runs in pater and materfamilias, and mine is high.

Until recently I’ve rarely gone to a doctor, but because of my gynecological issues, I’ve had numerous medical appointments these past six months. At my last visit and now two weeks of eating clean,  I hoped my blood pressure was in a normal range. Unfortunately, it was still elevated. Those numbers pushed me to make a change in my diet, and that’s when I decided I would eat vegan.

This past week I stocked up on the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. I also have a variety of tofu to work into recipes.

For the next thirty days, I am challenging myself to stick to this new way of eating. On August 6th, I have a doctor’s appointment, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my blood pressure is in the normal range.

I end this post with two photos and with the disclaimer that no animal was abused, harmed or killed in the making of tonight’s dinner.


Vegan La Revolución!


  • Hey Rebeca. Welcome to the world of veganism. I’ve been eating that way for three years now. You’re also protecting yourself against cancer and heart disease, but something I love is that I’ve lost 20 pounds along the way, without ever feeling deprived. 
    Here’s a tip from someone who couldn’t imagine coffee without light cream: add a tablespoon (I use two) of unsweetened cocoa and some vanilla soy milk to your coffee. It tastes good, and the cocoa will help bring down your blood pressure. Good luck!

  • scribblegal  I’m really enjoying this way of eating! It is a little more time-consuming the preparation, but I’m appreciating veggies and fruit in a new way. Thanks for the tip for the coffee, I’ll try that!