In The Wilde Solution, my dismal attempt at the espionage genre, Hal Sarf, the main character, starts off every academic year with a list of ten goals he wants to accomplish during that year.

I sort of liked that idea (and why shouldn’t I since I’m the one who wrote it) and thought it would be fun to list my goals for the first two quarters. For the purpose of this site, I am only listing those  that are strictly related to writing. Here we go:

First Quarter, (January through March):

  • Finish Julius.  But to finish it  that means for this quarter outlining and plotting the second and third parts of the book. In addition write 750 words of new material for every plot point.
  • Blog four  times a week.
  • Become a better a proof-reader. I am a terrible at it and it’s annoying to everyone, including myself. So before I hit send for anything I write–from Facebook updates to emails to actual copy. I have to print it, read it, proof it. Then hit send.
  • Plan and manage my time better. That means reducing my Facebook socializing; write a daily to do list and stick to it. If it means turning off the Wi-Fi to get my work done then that’s what I have to do.
  • Use Scrivener for all my writing projects. This is to keep me in the habit of organizing all my writing instead of having HAND/EYE docs in a Word folder, blogs in another, and other writing projects in other folders.
  • Craft, craft, craft. Put to use everything I’ve learned about writing (fiction and non-fiction) for tighter story-telling.

Second Quarter, (April through June):

  • Revise second and third parts of Julius.
  • Research agents.
  • Study the art of the query letter; write one and a synopsis.
  • Email query letter.

That’s it for the first six months. It should keep me busy and out of trouble.