Do you watch soccer? I don’t, but I remember when I lived Prague in 1994 there would be soccer matches on TV at some of the bars I used to frequent and I’d hear “Goal!” when the home team scored. This isn’t about soccer, but about my goals for 2018 and two new tools I discovered to help me achieve them.

Over the years, I’ve written about my love of planners. I buy them with the very best of intentions only to abandon them a few months down the road. Why? I wish I knew the answer. Could it be because I don’t like that much structure? Or is it possibly I don’t know how to properly create goals (either too broad or too ambitious?) or perhaps I haven’t found the right planner that suits both my aesthetic and practical needs?

Looking back at last year, I bought the Planner Pad, which is more task and appointment oriented and three other planners for well-being, fitness and nutrition, and business (yes, I went overboard) to set goals and actions. By April it all petered out. In part because I became consumed with anxiety concerning my health, and the ownership status of the Land Rover.

Now that I know I won’t die and that the Land Rover is no longer a concern, I can once again focus on setting and achieving goals. Am I buying more planners? No. Two of the planners didn’t get much use and because they’re undated I can still use them for 2018. My Planner Pad still has about six months left that can be used for this new year.

I’ve noticed when I actually jot down my tasks and appointments—as opposed to keeping them all in my head—I am productive and efficient. I like to list what needs to be done and to see each task crossed out after I complete it. This year, apart from the unused portion of the planners, I want to see how productive I can be by two using digital tools: OmniFocus and Goalscape.

In the next few weeks, I’ll offer tutorials on how to use both applications plus share my progress with my own goals. In the meantime, my big goal for the remaining five days of 2017 is to not sweat the small stuff. See you in 2018!