I’ve fallen hopelessly, madly, giddily in love. I thought I would never feel this way ever again. That a love this strong would have me so-so-so verklempt. I love my beautiful, sleek, quiet and unassuming . . . Kindle.

After waiting  three long years for the price to drop, I decided to buy a Kindle and shelled out close to $200 plus shipping and handling and a leather cover, I had my new baby within three days I placed the order. Shortly after I received it, I went on a shopping spree and downloaded three books that first day. What do I like so far apart from the immediate gratification of ordering the book and getting it in seconds (by the way, toodle-loo shipping charges and sales tax!)? I love the built in dictionary and that I can highlight sentences and keep a list of the turns of phrases that caught my attention. I love that it’s light. I love that I can sample a chapter and see whether I want the book or not. I love that if I order a book by mistake I can easily cancel the purchase. I love that I can download public domain books (all classics) for free or as little as ninety-nine cents. I love that I can make the print larger. I love it’s long battery life. I love that I never lose my page. Shall I go on?

Yes, I love my Kindle, but it’s dangerous. I’ve had it less than a week and I’ve bought almost a $100 worth of books. I suspect in no time at all I will have it packed with ebooks just the way I have my house packed with hard copies (and more keep coming in). Now, I just have to make the time to read all these books. So far, I’ve finished one book: The Violin of Auschwitz by the Catalan writer Maria Angels Anglada. Excellent. I will have a review on Alvah’s Books soon.

The most recent purchase was Hush by Eishes Chayil (a pseudonym meaning “woman of valor” taken from the Yiddish eishet chayil)). Hush is about sexual abuse in the Hasidic community. It’s a YA book. I’m not inclined to read young adult fiction, but I am mesmerized by the ultra-orthodox Jewish community and its lifestyle and beliefs that I thought it would be an interesting addition to my book collection.

Now I have a nice selection of ebooks to read along with the hard copies that are coming in the mail to review for Dan’s Papers. With NANOWRIMO, HAND/EYE, and other like eating and sleeping, writing this blog, the question is when will I be able to read? Soon I hope. Very soon.