I’ve been very quiet for more than a month due to several reasons: work,  bad eyes, and malfunctioning technology.

Let’s tackle each one. Right now at HAND/EYE we’re getting issue 05/World Textiles ready for the printer.  Apart from the print issue, I’m steadily working on the weekly online version, plus the administrative duties. In addition, I’ve started reviewing books for Kirkus Reviews.

Because of all the work, I haven’t been very diligent with diet or exercise, and I’ve also been a bit stressed. In fact, I slacked off quite a bit and ignored the signs of oncoming diplopia. I suspect–fingers crossed–that I will be better by the end of the week.

Lastly, I’ve had several issues with my HP laptop which runs the gamut from daily crashes to software not responding, and a slew of other problems (sound, CD-ROM disk drive, overheating). After thinking long and hard, I decided it was time to replace the HP laptop with  a 13 inch Mac Pro. Hence the title of this post. Yes, I’m emerging from the darkness and going towards the light.

What pushed me to purchase a Mac? Apart from the rave reviews from everyone I know who has one, and that overall it’s just a better machine when it comes to not getting viruses and that it has tougher technology. Some other points: First, I really want the updated version of Scrivener 2.0 for Mac. I have no issues with the Windows version, but I like a lot of the features that are now offered on the second release of the Mac version. Secondly, while reading through the Literature and Latte forums, I saw that Mac has an integrated dictionary and thesaurus component in its operating system. Windows doesn’t and you need to download an application for that. Overall, I think the MAC OS is just better than Windows.

The big day arrived yesterday. At 4:00 pm the Fedex man dropped off my new baby and since then we have been inseparable. There’s a bit of a learning curve to learning some of the functions, but I an catching on pretty quickly. I had to purchase the Mac version of Office and it’s a bit different from Windows, but I actually like the interface better for Word and Excel. The big challenge though is relearning Scrivener, which I think is pretty different from the Windows beta.

My overall impression thus far is that I made a wise purchase. A few friends commented that the machine runs hot, but I’m not finding it hot one bit. In fact, it’s running pretty cool unlike the HP which ran hot since day one and has a very creaky and loud fan.

Between the technology and vision issues I was pretty much of slacker with the writing, but now I have no excuse because I have a new machine in place and it’s back to hunkering down. So let the writing begin (again).


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